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The Villas – El Balcón – 

A passion for design 

We have a passion for design and art, you can notice it on every corner of the properties we have renovated. Take a look specially on the furniture, sculptures and objects all around the Villas.

The creation of the concept DreamImpulse and DreamLiving on 2009 was mainly focused on design, architecture, music and the way of living throughout unforgettable experiences. Experiences that takes place on interesting architectural locations where the presence of art and design objects is a must.

We offer those locations for an unforgettable experience in Switzerland & Tenerife, Canary Islands. There you can find pieces of design by sculptors Adrian Ibáñez, Michael Ischer, Günter Ferdinand Ris & Herbert Selldorf, Karim Rashid and pieces by design houses such as Morosso, Alessi…

Windsculpture by Michael Ischer, Germany

2009  – 2015

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DreamImpulse — DreamLiving

By Ruth Ruttimann
Switzerland &Tenerife
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Design, Architecture, Events, Concerts, Workshops