Ruth Ruttimann

 Simplicity is my luxury.

Sometimes, it takes years to get to this point, for a painter or a musician to master
things that just seems so simple. And it is how it should be, things should look
simple and joyfull, people dont have to know the work behind…

Creation of DreamImpulse  —  DreamLiving in 2009
Experience in Public Relations and Personal Development.
Worked with Robert Dilts, Frank Farelly. Gianni Fortunato etc.
Organization of seminars//
Frank Farelly, Terry Tafoya, Robert Dilts., Charles Faulkner.
Organization of festivals//
Festival Empreintes (music) Indian Food  Festival (gourmet).
Organization of concerts//
With Jael, Mich Gerber, Marie Boine, Stimmhorn, Sainko Namtchylak,
 Trio Vocal Norn, Laurence Revey, Snorre Bjerck, Thierry Romanens, Malcom Braff, Karen de Grieurin. A series of these concerts took place in the Salt Mines of Bex in Switzerland.
Organization of dinner, meals with entertainment//
Mets et Mots (Dishes and words), with the french Chef Poet Phillipe Roman. Marie Boine
in the Miles Davis Hall in Montreux, scenery created by the Swiss Artist Marie J. John.
Organization of concerts and exhibitions//
Marie John (paintings and installations) and Dr. Klaus Fessman (music on stones).
Organization of exhibitions of photos//
Vasily Vorontsov, photographer of the Russian National Museum St. Petersburg.
Materialization of a Vision//
Transformation of villas in Orotava, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
2009 The « Casa Del Buda Rojo ».
2011 The villas « El Balcon » in collaboration with Christophe Fouad, Nor architectes, Lausanne.
2015  Renovation of two villas in collaboration with Christophe Fouad, Nor architectes, Lausanne.
All ideal terraced location with  wonderful view on the Orotava valley, the ocean and the volcano Teide.
2010 – 2014 Renovation  and creation of new apartments in two historic buildings in Lausanne, Switzerland. Architect : Christophe Fouad, Nor architectes, Lausanne.
With Andrea Bernardi, cook, who made several editions of an event around the 5 elements at Casas El Balcon. Concerts at Timanfaya Theater  in Puerto de la Cruz and Bodega Monje, in El Sauzal,  with the Swiss musician Mich Gerber. Collaboration with the canarian painter and sculptor Adrian Ibanez for restauration of wind mobiles and a Sun Ball lounge chair designed by Günter Ferdinand Ris and Herbert Selldorf.
Passion// Design
Objective, target// The creation of Furniture.
Ruth Ruttimann divides her time between Switzerland and Tenerife.


 “I have been so lucky, life  has offered me  to meet so many extraordinary people of all kinds among art, business, personal development…
This has allowed me to discover my own track,  driving me to create a « dreamshot » to people who then experience their own internal travel. A state that allows them to open their hearts to their surroundings,  forgetting  their daily routine and problems and discovering their own richness and  space. It is how DreamImpulse and DreamLiving are born.”


We are open for creative projects, meals with entertainment, workshops, gourmet meals and so on. We are willing to hear new proposals from you!


Our houses are available for creative projects. A serie of advertisements have been developed on our location, both local and international productions.


We are passionate about design. It is all about design on each corner of Casa El Balcón, you can find pieces by italian design houses like Moroso, Alessi...


Frack Chefs organize 'Nomada, los 5 elementos', gourmet meals celebrated at Casa EL Balcón. Follow our news and stay tuned for upcoming events!


Music makes our days...and our nights. We organize live concerts, Mich Gerber was the last invited musician, it was fabulous to see his performance on such a nice environment!


Materialization of a vision: Renovation of houses in Canary Islands. The result: magnificent terraces with views of the volcano Teide and the ocean. By architect Christophe Fouad.

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